Our Mediators


We train community members who reflect the community’s diversity as our mediators. Our mediators range from ages 24-76 years and are of diverse racial, education, socio-economic, ethnic, and other backgrounds. We maintain high quality standards of our mediators by providing intensive, skill-based training, apprenticeships, continuing education, and evaluation of our mediators. Our mediators go through a competitive selection process and are ranked based on their communication skills, neutrality, listening skills, commitment to the New Orleans community, self-awareness, commitment and interest in the program, composure, presence, and availability. Many have experience with the criminal justice system, mediation, restorative practices, race analysis, working with people who have developmental disabilities, and/or speak a second language.

Our mediators undergo an initial 50 hours of training in the Inclusive Model of Mediation and receive monthly 3-hour refresher trainings. The goal of community mediation is to support the participants in having difficult conversations and to guide a problem solving process to develop solutions which meet everyone’s needs, with all content decisions made by the participants. In the Inclusive Model, co-mediation is used. Mediators focus on listening for values, feelings, and topics and reflect these back to the participants, checking to make sure that the participants feel the reflection is accurate. The mediators attempt to understand each participant, thus making it more possible for them to understand each other. Mediators follow a defined process which includes time for participants to share the situation, build clarity as to what is important, identify topics participants want to resolve, identify the goals each participant has for each topic, brainstorm options, consider each of the generated options in terms of which would meet all participants’ goals, and determine areas of agreement, if any.

Your current Community-Police Mediators are:

  • Anna Anderson
  • Gahiji Barrow
  • Troi Bechet
  • Michaela O’Connor Bono
  • Renard Bridgewater
  • Jabari Brown
  • Danielle Davis
  • Wendy Firven-Smith
  • Marc Florman
  • Lou Furman
  • Brent Godfrey
  • Al Grandoit
  • Denise Graves
  • Jules Griff
  • Jeffrey Harding
  • Naomi Kim
  • Jupiter LeBlanc
  • Stacey Marcel
  • Alison McCrary
  • Melanie Merz
  • Mike Murphy
  • Claire Ojeh
  • Angelique Thomas
  • Karron Williams

2018 Community-Police Mediators’ Training 

2015 Community-Police Mediators’ Training

2015 Community-Police Mediators’ Training

Community-Police Mediators with Trainer and 4 NOPD Officers

2014 Community-Police Mediators’ Training