Anyone can file a complaint of police misconduct with the Independent Police Monitor:

  • By phone at 504-309-9799
  • By email at policemonitor@nolaipm.gov
  • In person/by mail:
    2714 Canal Street, Suite 201 (above the Liberty Bank)
    New Orleans, LA 70119

Anyone can commend a police officer for good work. Rewarding good policing is a strong contribution toward public safety


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Mediation Program Director, Sister Alison McCrary at amccrary@nolaipm.gov or 504-304-7886.


We maintain the highest of standards for our mediators. Mediators go through an application and interview process followed by a minimum of 50 hours of initial training followed up by monthly in-service training.

Characteristics desired in mediator applicants include:

  • New Orleans residency.
  • Level of interest in the program.
  • Availability to attend the required initial 50-hour training and subsequent monthly in-service training.
  • Availability and commitment to serve as a mediator.
  • Related experience with the criminal justice system and/or mediation or restorative justice approaches.
  • Communication and listening skills, and
  • The capacity to demonstrate competence, composure and neutrality (open to hearing others’ opinions and perspectives and an
    awareness of one’s opinions).

In assigning mediators to mediations, we take into account participant demographics and so we seek to recruit trainees with the greatest diversity and range possible of gender, age, race, ethnicity, language, education, sexual orientation, and socio-economic background.

For more information about becoming a mediator or volunteer, please email the Mediation Program Director, Sister Alison McCrary at amccrary@nolaipm.gov or 504-304-7886.


The Office of the Independent Police Monitor (IPM) is an independent, civilian police oversight agency created in August of 2009. Its mission is to improve police service to the community, citizen trust in the NOPD, and officer safety and working conditions.